Friday, February 6

One stick, two stick, POP!

February 6th must be a busy day because today is also bubblegum day!! Who doesn't love bubblegum?  Some of my fondest memories of this sticky snack include images of a dusty softball field or sneaking pieces into my elementary school classrooms.  I even remember when I first learned to blow a bubble; it was such a great accomplishment! Bubblegum is just one of those things that makes you smile and feel good no matter where you are or what you're doing.  Here are some fun facts you may not have known about this delicious treat.

** The biggest bubble ever, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was 22 inches in diameter, 1 1/2 times the size of a large pizza.
**Double Bubble was included in the ration kits for soldiers serving in WWII.
**Sixty to seventy percent of bubble gum is sugar :)
**Chewing gum burns about 12 calories per hour (not quite enough to count as your heart healthy exercise)
**Chewing gum on an airplane will keep your ears from popping (I always chew Big Red on planes)
**The top ten most popular brands of bubble gum are as follows:
1) Hubba Bubba Max
2) Stride (my favorite daily gum)
3) Trident
4) Bubble Yum (my favorite gum to chew during softball games)
5) Bubblicious
6) Orbit
7) Big League Chew (gum that looks like strips of chewing tobacco and helps promote athletes to chew gum instead of tobacco)
8) Double Bubble
9) Extra
10) Winterfresh

Which one is your favorite??


  1. Number 5 on the list of popular brands of bubble gum is an absolute classic to the children of our generation. It is honestly one giant block of sugar. I believe that this pure sugar cane gum single-handedly causes the hyper-ness of these young children!

  2. Good thing chewing gum burns 12 calories per hour. With gum containing sixty to seventy percent sugar, the great exercise you get from chewing gum makes up for it. Now I am waiting for them to create gum that lasts for an hour so that I can get the whole 12 calories. And big league chew is my favorite for sure! When I was really young my parents did not let me chew it though because of how its supposed to be a replacement for chewing tobacco, or some reason like that. But good blog. I’m actually not a huge gum fan though…sorry.

  3. Well....I can remember when I was younger and my sister and I would love to go to my brothers baseball games just to raid the concession stand. One of our favorite candy was the ring pops, but in second place would definately be the big chew bubble gum, we loved it! It seems to be rare so it is a harder type of gum to find.

    Also I really like the 5 gum (I think that is what its called). I really like the blue gum in that kind. They also have pink, green, and orange, which will be my next gum purchase!